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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Thought for the Day | Infinity

As I was laying on a bench on an absolutely beautiful summer afternoon today, reading Octavio Paz, I looked up and saw this: Perhaps it’s just that Paz put me in an surrealist and existential mood, but I found myself pointing my iPhone’s little camera up at the sky, and wondering as I’ve often wondered: […]

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Angela for Feathermill Designs

A recent shoot for Feathermill Designs, though I think they wound up being pretty fabulous portrait shots as well! I took a range of looks, but here are the best dark background and light background shots. I came to particularly love the absolutely fabulous skin tones you can get from the Totally Rad Actions from […]

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Tricia & Dale for Missouri S&T Alumni Magazine

I had the opportunity to shoot my friends Tricia and Dale for the Missouri S&T Alumni magazine, which you can see online starting in another week or so at They had an alumni profile done on the two of them and needed a portrait of themselves, so here are a few of my favorite […]

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Some more with my friend Amber, who is a fabulous sport and let me take up some of her lunch break to shoot these: She’s also in the local theatre production of “Bell, Book and Candle,” which the show “Bewitched” was based on! Go see it if you’re in town! Here’s the info.

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We found this giant brick wall hidden on the side of the new landscape architecture building at Penn State…my favs from the shoot: And just for fun:

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Inspirations | John Paul Caponigro

Everyone knows the feeling: you wake up early after an inadequate amount of sleep, you quickly shower and throw on clothes for the day, and then step outside into a sweltering sweatbox known as a summer day. I find that these stretches of extreme weather (either hot or cold) can produce a drought of creativity, […]

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