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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Arts Fest 2008 and the Countdown to 3G

Unless you’ve been traveling the galaxy for the past few months, you’ve undoubtedly heard that the iPhone 3G is coming out on July 11…tomorrow! People in New Zealand have already gotten theirs, and we have our own camper here outside the AT&T store (no, we sadly do not have an Apple store downtown here…yet). It […]

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Voyage to Pittsburgh

Well…maybe not a voyage, just a car trip. But since it took us more than $60 to fill our tank for the first time, it felt more like the cost of an ocean crossing! We stayed overnight with two of our friends, Wes and Kristine, who live just a stone’s throw from one of my […]

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Brand New 5D

If you can’t tell from the outrageously awesome bokeh in this next shot, I just got a new Canon 5D! I was so excited I had to start taking photos with it right away…and one of our cats just happened to be near me, and he graciously posed for me: We’re off to Pittsburgh for […]

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