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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Jess and Craig | Expecting

A lovely afternoon at a local park a few weeks ago…it got a little chilly, and there were dogs and children everywhere! Still managed to find some hidden away places to get some wonderful shots. There was a lovely field with a few trees here and there: At the other end of the field we […]

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Sage and JC | Engagement

A lovely day in Lock Haven, PA with autumn colors exploding from the foliage…and a girl and a boy, whose playfulness and affection glowed brighter than any of the fiery foliage. I was lucky enough to get to spend a few hours with Sage and JC before they drove back to Boston last week, and […]

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Preview | Amber & John

Delicious sunlight and a beautiful pregnant woman…what else do you need for great maternity shots? Her husband was great too, even getting her into cornfields for me! Can’t wait to blog these…here’s a preview: More to come!

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Preview | Sage & JC

This past Monday I had an amazing time doing an engagement session with Sage & JC, who are getting married in a few weeks! Both of them are so much fun and have such playful personalities…and did pretty much anything I asked. We’ll just say that JC has some mad tree-climbing abilities. We had a […]

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Preview | Lisa

One of a few sessions I shot in the past few days…stay tuned later tonight for other previews as well…and more to come! And I’m thinking about just a white logo and not the blue square…not sure yet though. Let me know what you think!

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I’ve been tagged!

A fabulous photographer, Erika McCauley, whom I met on the [b] school and whose work I very much admire, tagged me on her blog a few days ago…it’s taken me until now to get with it and play along, sorry about that Erika! Better late than never…here’s mine: 4 things I did today (counting yesterday […]

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