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Yearly Archives: 2009

My iPhone Goes to a New York City Wedding

Heather and I were guests at a college friend’s wedding in Brooklyn the weekend after Christmas. We were only guests, and like so many other guests who got stuck in the Holland Tunnel traffic for more than two hours, checked into our hotel in a whirlwind, bounded onto the subway, and ran into the church […]

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Monthly Wallpaper | December 2009

With December comes lots of things, but for my wife and me it’ll be that much more special…it’s our first Christmas with our stunningly adorable daughter Calleigh. It already feels so much more special and magical with a child than it has for many years now. I remember those first few years when I always […]

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Monthly Wallpaper | November 2009

Some of you may know how much I love Smashing Magazine. And you also may know how frustrated I was when my October wallpaper didn’t make the cut. So I’ve decided to offer my own every month! With my sincere apologies for being 6 days into November already, here’s the first one! It’s available in […]

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A Sneak Peek!

Tweaking…the inevitable chipping away at a concept or idea…or a blog. Tweak too much and you wind up with something completely different than you started with. Given that I’ve taken to tweaking more and more, I decided that my whole look deserved some refinement. The small preview above is a taste of what to expect […]

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More Tailgating in State College

On a day when a drenching rain made the ocean seem dry, our daughter still managed to entertain the entire tailgating crew. It’s remarkable how babies can brighten just about any situation. All it takes is a constant smile. We might all take a lesson from that. Acting like a real lion: Just being adorable: […]

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Fall Traditions – Tailgating in State College

Every fall, millions of people emerge costumed in bright colors, some donning headgear and other accoutrements of the impending college football season. Teams in ivy-clad stone stadiums storm the gridiron to the thrills and thralls of captive crowds. Here in the mountains of Pennsylvania, that means one thing, and one thing alone. Tailgating. This year, […]

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