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Pictures vs. Photographs

September 12 / Tree in the mist

A gem from Gert Dumbar:

In Holland, we have two words for design. One is vormgeving; in German formgeben. And the other word is ontwerpen; in German entwurf. In the Anglo-Saxon language there’s only one word for design, which is design. That is something you should work out. Vormgeving is more to make things look nice. So for instance, packaging for a perfume or for chocolate in order to make things fashionable, obsolete and therefore bad for society because we don’t really need it. While ontwerpe means, and the Anglo-saxon word, but its stronger, means engineering. That means you as a person try to invent a new thing—which is intelligent, which is clever, and which will have a long-life. And that’s called stylistic durability. It means you can use it for a long time.

No disagreement here. I immediately think of the difference between the words “picture” and “photograph.”

Into the Woods

Ever feel the need to just go totally wild and do something that you tell yourself is absolutely nuts? When the director of Into the Woods decided to take a different slant on the story, so did I…and I love the finished product. Even though it’s nothing like anything else I’ve done before. Feels good to punch out of the box sometimes, doesn’t it?

One of the promotional posters:

Into the Woods - Little Red Riding Hood

See more of the posters and headshots of the cast.

State College Community Theatre and their page on Facebook