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Help Haiti


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As most of you now know, Haiti was ravaged by a massive earthquake that struck very close to the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive stated earlier that he believes the death toll to be “well over 100,000.” The scale and scope of this disaster is on the same order as the tsunami that struck Indonesia a few years ago, and then, just as now, we have an obligation to rise to the aid of those who are in need, particularly those suffering due to the ravages of nature.

I ask everyone to please pray for our Haitian brothers and sisters, and that all foreign aid promised is swift in its delivery. There are many charitable and aid organizations already mobilized in Haiti, should you wish to contact one to donate monetary support to their efforts.



She’s a no-nonsense kind of girl, genuine and down-to-earth. Music, warm summer afternoons, and good steak…she loves the real stuff in life. If there’s a good time to be had, she’s already having it. Come join the party, you’ve got some catching up to do.


Photographed in the gardens behind the Lewis Katz Building at Penn State University.

Monthly Wallpaper | January 2010

After the excitement of the holiday season, the start of the new year always seems to quickly fade into clouds of snow and a cold, misty grayness that continues until the first buds of spring emerge through the frozen ground. Keep the fire of your life’s passions burning strong and neither the cold nor the darkness will keep you from your dreams.

Click on the image above to download the 1280×800 version, or download the large image (2650×1600). Taken near Port Matilda, Pennsylvania.

Updated: links fixed.

My iPhone Goes to a New York City Wedding


Heather and I were guests at a college friend’s wedding in Brooklyn the weekend after Christmas. We were only guests, and like so many other guests who got stuck in the Holland Tunnel traffic for more than two hours, checked into our hotel in a whirlwind, bounded onto the subway, and ran into the church with 3 minutes to spare, we forgot to bring any cameras with us. Chase Jarvis’s saying never held so true…the only camera I had with me was my iPhone. Since the official photographers had it well in hand, I decided to try out the new vintage toy camera app Hipstamatic. It’s great to finally have a piece of technology so advanced that it can mimic the unpredictability of the original toy cameras and give you some truly amazing (and unexpected) results.


If you have an iPhone and love photography, do yourself a favor and check out Hipstamatic. It costs less than a Starbucks latté and it’ll make you much happier.

Monthly Wallpaper | December 2009


With December comes lots of things, but for my wife and me it’ll be that much more special…it’s our first Christmas with our stunningly adorable daughter Calleigh. It already feels so much more special and magical with a child than it has for many years now. I remember those first few years when I always thought I heard Santa and a few of those reindeer clomping across the roof, just feet above my ceiling.

For all those who celebrate other holidays this time of year, may you have a happy and blessed celebration with your family. Whatever you celebrate, remember to see it through a child’s eyes. It makes all the difference.

Download the 2650×1600 image or the 1280×800 image. Image taken during the remarkable Dale Chihuly exhibit at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in late 2007.

Monthly Wallpaper | November 2009

Some of you may know how much I love Smashing Magazine. And you also may know how frustrated I was when my October wallpaper didn’t make the cut. So I’ve decided to offer my own every month!


With my sincere apologies for being 6 days into November already, here’s the first one! It’s available in two sizes, 2650×1600 and 1280×800. If there is enough interest in a fullscreen format I will offer that as well, but you can also use this opportunity to convince your significant other to let you finally purchase that computer with a widescreen monitor, and tell them I made you. They’ll understand.