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A Sneak Peek!


Tweaking…the inevitable chipping away at a concept or idea…or a blog. Tweak too much and you wind up with something completely different than you started with. Given that I’ve taken to tweaking more and more, I decided that my whole look deserved some refinement. The small preview above is a taste of what to expect over the next few weeks.

I am absolutely stoked to roll out this refined look for my business, and while I’ve tried to maintain the clean lines, I needed to let a little more style come out! A new logo down to the tiniest detail on the blog. So stay tuned over the next few weeks…everything will change from Twitter icons to gravatars. So stay tuned, change is coming!

More Tailgating in State College

On a day when a drenching rain made the ocean seem dry, our daughter still managed to entertain the entire tailgating crew. It’s remarkable how babies can brighten just about any situation. All it takes is a constant smile. We might all take a lesson from that.


Acting like a real lion:


Just being adorable:


Calleigh finally visits GameDay!


And since there are so few photos of me, here’s one of me and the little bean (she seems slightly underwhelmed by the whole ESPN GameDay atmosphere):


rachel - These are so awesome!!!! I laughed and giggled a lot especially at that 2nd to last one 🙂 what a doll she is!

Phillip Mackenzie - Thanks! I think she’s adorable too…but I’m probably biased that way. 🙂

Carolyn - I love how I can see your reflection in her eyes in photo #4!! Can’t wait to meet Miss C and see you guys again!

Tana H - Oh my gosh…. my baby days are over, but these totally had me “oohing” and “aahing” at how incredibly sweet she is!! That second picture needs a good canvas spot on the wall! Ah, she is just so adorable!

Natalie Plumb - These are beautiful!!! God creates masterpieces…

Amber Snow - What an adorable smile that baby has!! Great images.

Fall Traditions – Tailgating in State College

Every fall, millions of people emerge costumed in bright colors, some donning headgear and other accoutrements of the impending college football season. Teams in ivy-clad stone stadiums storm the gridiron to the thrills and thralls of captive crowds. Here in the mountains of Pennsylvania, that means one thing, and one thing alone. Tailgating.

This year, there have been several new additions (all female, no less!) to the tailgating family (otherwise known as the Nittany Tailgating Association): Isabelle (born last December to Jess & Craig), Harper (born in February to Amber & John), our daughter Calleigh (born February 27 for those who would like to send gifts), and Megan (born in June to Ken and Courtney).

Here’s a small sampling of lots of baby girls dressed in Penn State athletic regalia. They’re all perfectly adorable. Enjoy!

We’ll start with a few of Calleigh:

Calleigh the Penn State Cheerleader

With Harper and Belle in the background:

Calleigh, Harper and Belle as Penn State Cheerleaders

Harper would prefer not to be photographed at the moment, though Belle seems eager behind her:

Harper and Belle as PSU Cheerleaders

Heather and Calleigh:

Calleigh Flies

Since she’s my daughter, here’s a few more:

Bumbo with a Calleigh

Love this one:

Adorable PSU Cheerleader

Since she’s still so small it’s hard to find hats that fit:

Calleigh the Cheerleader

Here’s Harper with her parents:

Harper, Amber and John

And our friends Jen and Matt might have an addition of their own soon!

Jen and the Future Nittany Lion

Harper: The definitive portrait.

Harper, the definitive portrait

And here’s Harper going after the pom-pom:

Harper and the Pom-Pom

She also seems to enjoy showing off the guns:

Harper the Bouncer

I couldn’t decide which version was cuter, so here’s both:

Harper and Amber - in Color
Harper and Amber - in Duotone

And back to Calleigh and Heather:

Calleigh and Heather
Calleigh and Heather
Calleigh and Heather

She’s quite obsessed with letting me get every angle:

Calleigh the Cutie

And then her sartorial side came out…

Sartorial Calleigh



And one with her mom:

Megan and Courtney

More football photos to come…including Calleigh visiting ESPN’s GameDay!

Washing Away Summer


Nothing washes away the end of a long week and the end of summer like a Friday drench. The cold and gray muted palettes stir up visions of prep schools preppy clothes. College stadiums overgrown with ivy echo with cheers through crisp and chilly Saturday afternoons like stirring battle cries from afar. But first comes the rain to wash away the blue-soaked summer landscapes and leave nothing but dazzling and resplendent colors.

Inspiring Moments | The Golden Valley


There are times when you can feel the pace of life breathing down your neck, when you feel like you have to slam the gas pedal into the floor so you can pick up those extra 30 seconds by making it through the traffic light before it turns red. All our hectic pacing can be exhilarating at the best of times and downright heart attack-inducing at others. I experienced the latter this morning. When I get nailed at a traffic light, I usually tap my foot and silently (or loudly) curse the red light for stealing 30 precious seconds of my life that I will never get back. But this morning, I instead looked out the window and was instantly lost in a sea of golden sunbeams parting an oceanic mist in the valley. A mist that clouds your mind with your daily routine, the grind of work, the inner turmoil in which so many live their lives. The warm, golden sunbeams pierce through the shrouded mist of our confused lives and remind us that our lives do have focus. They have meaning. They are not about getting to work 30 seconds earlier. They are about living life but never getting so bogged down in the thick, choking fog of business that we forget to see the golden rays of our dreams beckoning us to part the mist and climb the hills.

Live your life. But never allow yourself get lost in the mist. Always seek out those warm golden beams, and never lose the light of your dreams to the mundane and the ordinary. Feel the light. Know your dreams. Be extraordinary.

Syreena B - hi phillip…my name is syreena and I am a photog in the philly area! I just found your blog from b school and i am officially about to be your newest blog stalker …lol. hope you dont mind 🙂 Love your work…